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🚚 $100이상 구매시 미주 전지역 무료배송 UPS/Fedex Ground로 배송 됩니다👉하와이 $100이상 구매 무료배송(USPS Priority) 🚚 홀세일 문의 📧 📧
🚚 $100이상 구매시 미주 전지역 무료배송 UPS/Fedex Ground로 배송 됩니다🚚 홀세일 문의 📧 📧

[LG생활건강]에어워셔 베이직 KF94 블랙 끈조절 대형(Black-Adult)-40pc

Original price $92.00 - Original price $92.00
Original price $92.00
$92.00 - $92.00
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-1인 1박스만 구매가 가능합니다.(40PCS)

-다른 제품과 같이 주문할 경우 자동적으로 취소됩니다.

-오리지널 박스로 배송됩니다.(40PCS)

-배송비는 결제 시 $6.90 청구됩니다. 


LG Airwasher KF94 Face Mask with Adjustable Straps - Made in Korea - Adult, Black

  • Black KF94 WITH ADJUSTABLE MASK STRAPS : LG Airwasher KF94 features uniquely adjusted straps which makes it wearable all day without any ear pain. Pull on the straps and secure the mask strap in place. Each mask is individually packaged for hygiene and convenience.
  • CERTIFIED KOREAN KF94 MASKS: This KF94 mask is made with high quality MB fabric that is effective in preventing dust particles. Made with a 4-layered electrostatic filtration system, this product will filter at least 94% of PM 2.5 particles to protect the wearer from exposure to particles.
  • BREATHING : LG Airwasher KF94 certified masks fit securely on your face  but also allows you to breathe easily.
  • FITTING DESIGN : LG Airwasher masks have a 3D flat-fold(tri-fold) design that prevents air leakage. Use the nose bridge The adjustable nose bridge helps to ensure a secure fit and stays on your face without slipping or falling off. 
  • RECOGNIZED & APPROVED: Branded by LG, the internationally recognized company - Manufactured in South Korea. This mask is also KFDA approved.

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