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🚚 $100이상 구매시 미주 전지역 무료배송 UPS/Fedex Ground로 배송 됩니다👉하와이 $100이상 구매 무료배송(USPS Priority) 🚚 홀세일 문의 📧 📧
🚚 $100이상 구매시 미주 전지역 무료배송 UPS/Fedex Ground로 배송 됩니다🚚 홀세일 문의 📧 📧


LOCK N LOCK - Metro Mug 20oz LAVENDER 

LOCK N LOCK - Metro Mug 20oz YELLOWMetro Mug 20oz Blue


The perfect thermal mug for any drink, from water to black coffee to iced tea. Our unique 20 ounce-insulated tumbler is the best travel mug for everyday use.


  • Get reusable, and stay healthy. Stop using paper cups and plastic coffee lids! Our tumblers are BPA free. Meet your new coffee/tea to go mug!
  • Drink properly heated and chilled coffee and tea. You need a thermic cup, and Metro Mug is the mug for coffee and tea lovers at home or on the go.
  • Premium Copper Coated Inner Insulation Layer. For added insulation, an extra layer of copper coating is placed between the inner and outer walls.
  • Premium Powder Coated Exterior. Resists scratches, peelings, and color fades.
  • Innovative Swing Lock. The swing lid allows for easy one-handed use. Simply swing the tip to open & close.
  • 16oz/475ml - Navy, Off White, Mint, Purple, Black,
  • 20oz/600ml - Peach Pink, Lavender, Yellow, Dark Green, Blue


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Customer Reviews

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Soo Chung
Lock Lock metro mug20oz Blue

색깔도 이쁘고 마시는 곳도 편하게 되어있어 좋아요.다만 한국에서 만든줄 알았는데 중국에서 만들었더라구요..그래도 다른 머그에 비해서 편하고 단단해서 좋아요